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"Life is one big transition."
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ABC: Affected By Cancer


A cancer diagnosis can be one of the biggest personal transitions we face from the moment of diagnosis to receiving the “All Clear” from your oncologist. As a therapist with oncology experience, I provide support for individuals (patients and caregivers), and couples to help you navigate the changes. During cancer treatment and after cancer treatment, I am there to help you maintain and/or restore your emotional wellbeing. Phone sessions, for those unable to travel, are available.

During Cancer Treatment

Support is vital during the treatment stage for individuals and couples. You may find support with family or friends. You may find support online or in support groups. And sometimes, speaking with someone who does not fall into any of those categories (like a therapist), provides the privacy and confidentiality you seek to be able to say almost anything you want to say. I work with clients who experience a range of challenges while living with a cancer diagnosis.

I also work with caregivers. As caregivers, we tend to ignore our physical and emotional wellbeing while caring for someone else. Once caregiving is no longer a priority, caregivers often find themselves re-evaluating elements of their lives.

After Cancer Treatment

Don’t under estimate the power of support following the “all clear” from your oncologist! I help individuals who have completed treatment. During cancer treatment you focused primarily on your physical wellbeing. Now, you can take a “whole” approach to your overall wellbeing and consider what’s next. You may experience emotional distress. Or, you may want to re-evaluate aspects of your life, such as career, relationships, or sense of purpose.

Additionally, I work with couples who have been affected by cancer. Going through a life-challenging illness as a couple can be a bonding experience for some. For others, a severe illness throws the relationship off-kilter. Sometimes, couples simply feel “stuck” finding their way forward once the urgency of recovery has dissipated. By supporting both people in the relationship, I can help you:
  •  Rediscover what you enjoy
  •  Define your overall goals for the relationship
  •  Find meaning and purpose in your life together